Tornedalen – Tornionjokilaaksosta

The Tornedalen - Tornionjokilaaksosta concert, wades through the shores of the Tornio River. Tallari's visitors Jan Johansson (piano accordion) and Susanne Rantatalo (vocals) act as travel guides to the riches of traditional music in northern Sweden. These musical ambassadors of the Meänkieli-speaking Finnish regions are well-known for example from the Jord band, which has been operating for twenty years, and the more recent WAO, which also includes Tallari's Arto Järvelä.
The concert repertoire developed with Tallari consists of Jani and Susanne's own compositions as well as traditional Norrbotten-Finnish songs.
“I feel like I’m singing about life and death itself when I sing these songs from the Tornio River Valley. I find my voice and my soul. And when I sing these songs, I feel like I belong together with the people here,” Susanne Rantatalo beautifully describes her relationship with her home region.


Photo: Eva-Stina Kjellman

Video: Jarski Paananen