From the cradle of folk music, Kaustinen, the folk music ensemble Tallari has maintained the flame of Finnish root music for 30 years, one foot deep in tradition and the other firmly in the present, bringing the treasures of archives to life and creating something new. In 2019 Katri Haukilahti and Sampo Korva were joined in Tallari by Arto Järvelä and Esko Järvelä, both of whom are among the best-known Finnish folk musicians today.

The legendary band was established in 1986 and has made thousands of gigs, almost twenty records and dozens of projects, collaborating as well with front row folk music professionals as amateur folk music groups. 

Katri Haukilahti – Violin, nyckelharpa, vocals 
Sampo Korva – Harmonium, melodeon, guitar, vocals 
Arto Järvelä – Violin, mandolin, esseharpa, vocals  
Esko Järvelä – Violin, tenor guitar, harmonium, vocals