Tallari & Piia Kleemola

In the Suupohja Violin Masters concert, Tallari is joined by Piia Kleemola, a versatile folk musician and folk music researcher from Haapavesi. In this captivating concert, Piia and Tallari delve into the multifaceted and interesting violin-playing tradition of Suupohja, or the region around Isojoki, Kauhajoki, Karijoki and Teuva. In addition to the well-known fiddler family of Risku, the programme includes songs from Emmi Salonen and Tyyne Vanha-Villamo, among others. The instrumental pieces are colored by dance songs collected from the area from the programs of Kerttu Talvitie and Eero Talvitie in Kauhajoki.


Photo: Lauri Oino