From the cradle of folk music, Kaustinen, the folk music ensemble Tallari has maintained the flame of Finnish root music for 30 years, one foot deep in tradition and the other firmly in the present, bringing the treasures of archives to life and creating something new. In 2019 Katri Haukilahti and Sampo Korva were joined in Tallari by Arto Järvelä and Esko Järvelä, both of whom are among the best-known Finnish folk musicians today.

Tallari's constantly renewing and adapting basic concert programme extensively covers Finnish folk music with an emphasis on the violin-driven tradition of Western Finland, the classics of the Kaustinen tradition, the band's own evergreens and new compositions. The programme includes both instrumental music and singing. Whenever possible, the programme will also include music from the area where the performance takes place.

In addition to touring and giving concerts all over Finland, Tallari organizes an annual seasonal concert series at Kaustinen, most of which are collaborative projects with visiting freelance professional folk musicians or master folk musicians. Many of these productions continue their lives as touring productions. At the Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Tallari contracts annually in numerous larger and smaller productions with various partners. The Folk Music Institute that manages Tallari was accredited in 2018 as an expert organization of the UNESCO Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, and with it, Tallari's current activities emphasize a community-based way of working that supports the vitality of today's living heritage phenomena. Tallari receives a state contribution of four person-years and an annual grant from the municipality of Kaustinen. Public funding is only a part of the picture though, the band's performance fees and ticket income account for the largest share of the total revenues among all the state-funded orchestras. The permanent staff consists of two half-day musicians and a half-day director-producer. Many freelancers in the field of folk music are employed within these collaborative projects.

Tallari – Markkinamarssi