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  • Sat

    Baltimore Fiddle Fair


    Fiddle Fair Marquee, Baltimore, Irlanti

    Concert: Tionól and Tallari 

    In November 2022 we presented our very first International Residency Programme Northern Nights. Especially convened Irish group Tionól (Derek Hickey, Lisa O’Sullivan, Leah Murphy and Eoin ’Stan’ O’Sullivan) spent a very special few days collaborating with acclaimed Finnish folk ensemble Tallari in the idyllic setting of Rauland in the mountains of Norway.

    Specialising in unique regional styles of music from their respective countries, Sliabh Luachra in Ireland and Kaustinen in Finland, they spent the residency sharing tunes, songs and stories and discovering the many similarities that exist in each other’s music. The result of this collaboration is their performance here today and again at Kaustinen Folk Festival in Finland this July.

    Northern Nights was supported by The Arts Council of Ireland