Tallari on käynnistänyt syksyllä 2019 uuden ohjelmatoiminnan muodon: Tallari projektit. Ensimmäisellä kaudella 2019-2020 Tallari projekteissa mukana olivat Nordic Dance Helsinki, äänellä itkijä Emmi Kuittinen, sekä Kaustinen Fiddle Ambassador. Kaudella 2021-2022 projektin aiheena runolaulu. Projektit toteutetaan yhteistyössä eri artistien tai kulttuuri-, perinne-, tai taideyhteisöjen kanssa. Projektien tarkoituksena on omalta osaltaan tuoda esiin suomalaisen kansanmusiikin monimuotoisuutta ja kykyä taipua erilaisiin osallistaviin ja yhteisöllisiin konserttimuotoihin.

How does tradition live in the here and now? How are inclusion and communality visible in today’s folk music? What does a living heritage look like on stage? Tallari projects are looking for answers to these questions.

Nordic Dance Helsinki

Nordic Dance is a dance club series open to everyone, which teaches dances based on Finnish and other Nordic traditions to the beat of live music. No previous dance experience is required, but clubs are also suitable for those who have been dancing for longer.

The evening consists of a workshop section, where different partner dancing and other social dances are learned in a relaxed way and the connection between dance and music in Nordic traditions is explored. After the workshop, the evening continues with the accompaniment of the Nordic Dance Helsinki House Band.

Clubs in autumn 2019: every other Tuesday / Kaffila Bokvillan Arabia (Hämeentie 125, Helsinki)
Free entry.

Nordic Dance Helsinki partners:
Tsuumi Dance Company
Arabian asukastalot Association
Tallari projects

Emmi kuittinen

Emmi Kuittinen (b.1984) is a singer and folk musician familiar with the Karelian lamenting, or lamentation song tradition. She performs laments both as a soloist and in various projects. For example, Emmi has been creating a club of Joy and Sorrow that combines lamenting songs and stand up comedy with actress Miska Kajanus, and she has also performed with dancers and circus artists. Emmi gives training regularly in the form of lamenting courses and workshops. Emmi is a music educator (BA), master of music and community musician. In addition to artistic work and lament song education, Emmi has worked as an art educator, folk song teacher and care musician.

The lament workshops introduce the Karelian tradition of lamenting, practice the language and melodies of lamenting together, and write your own little lament. In Emmi Kuittinen's lament concert, you hear the background of the history and significance of tradition and get a look at lament as a living intangible cultural heritage today.

Kaustinen Fiddle Ambassador

The Fiddle Ambassador is, as the name implies, a “violin ambassador” whose mission is to tour, giving concerts and presenting Kaustinen violin-playing as a living heritage phenomenon. What keeps the tradition alive and how does the style of playing pass from generation to generation? What does tradition mean to its community? How does the purpuri wedding dance or other folk dance traditions manifest themselves in the traditional music of Kaustinen? The Fiddle Ambassador project takes the form of a solo, a duo, a small band or a larger line-up of fiddlers - depending on the situation and need, fiddling and, if necessary, dancing.