Tallari & Tove de Fries

Fanøn saarelta

In this concert, Tallari's guest is the violinist Tove de Fries from the island of Fanø, which can also be considered a kind of Danish Kaustinen. At the southern tip of the island on the west coast of the country is the village of Sønderho for about 300 people, whose musical and dance tradition has been inherited unbroken for generations.

Growing up in Klink near Legoland, de Fries started on her musician’s path by learning from her father and other fellow musicians, and since then she has studied at the Odense Academy of Folk Music, received many awards for her work as a musician and pedagogue and the title of Rigsspillemand. De Fries moved to Sønderho twenty years ago. She teaches children to play both Fanø and other folk music and also to dance local dance, sometimes described as a mix between the polska dance and wrestling.

The concert features Fanø's own and other Danish folk music, interpreted with ease and joy by de Fries and Tallari. It remains to be seen whether the guest will be inspired to present a sample of her dance tradition and whether someone from Tallari will be pinned down…

Photo: Jimmy Träskelin